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Psychic Bruce Hoskins (Lord Fafnir) performing a tarot card reading

"Hi Bruce. Feedback and more from the faire in Sparta, NJ. I’m the passer-by who knew about Fafnir and returned late morning for a reading with you. I rarely get readings these days, especially not without a personal referral or connection; the last two or three were so off the mark as to be useless. Dragons have been increasingly around lately, though, in increasingly weird ways that you’d probably understand, and drew me back. Your reading was spot-on and reflected absolutely what I have been experiencing, in helpful and nonjudgmental ways. I appreciated your mix of intellect, people skills, and facility with the cards and counseling, and also ability to apply information to real world practicalities. Those are not a common combo. I have spent a lot of time on your side of the table and worked with a lot of people who are pleasant and friendly and fun and well meaning and sometimes insightful but more than slightly out to lunch. I can think of only one other male reader in all my years who approached your abilities, and he didn’t create anywhere near the grounded space I sensed around you. So thank you, from this attorney-turned-astrologer . It feels important for those of us who walk in both worlds to show other people that it’s possible, not to mention fun." - Kathy B., Oak Ridge, NJ


"I was fortunate enough to meet Bruce back in June when I went to a wonderful psychic fair. He gave me an absolutely wonderful reading. I was going through some turmoil in my personal life and with the guide of his wonderful dragons and his Dragon tarot, he nailed it on the head and gave me a lot of insight. I was then able to reconnect with Bruce a few days later and psychic message circles where he was a reader reading tarot again. I have received not only once but twice wonderful wonderful readings from this man. I highly recommend him and I will strongly encourage anyone to visit with Bruce." - Stephanie D., Londonderry, NH

"What a great palm reading I received last night at the Keene Girls Night Out!! This was my first palm reading and Bruce was so informative and explained as much as he possibly could in the time allotment. His reading really resonated with me and made so much sense, I believe he really has a gift! Thank you!!!" - Jessica S., Whitingham, VT

"The first time I ever got a tarot done it was by Red and she was wonderful! She's down to earth, compassionate and very understanding. There's a wonderfully warm vibe that surrounds her. The readings I get are enlightening, deep, personal and accurate.
Highly recommended!" -
Synnie F.

"Got a cool reading for both of us at the Valentine's Masquerade Ball. And numerology! Super accurate!" - Jolita B., Essex Junction, VT

"Had a palm reading done at the Cummington fair in Cummington, MA yesterday. I've never had a palm reading done. I was extremely impressed.  Very accurate, personable and professional. Highly recommended." - Mike K., Cummington, MA


"Went to a psychic fair in MA last weekend and stumbled upon Bruce, and I'm so glad I did! I received an amazing tarot card reading. He was clearly intuitive and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and wasn't afraid to get in depth. Once you meet him you'll know he has a true gift." - Samantha O., Nashua, NH

"I've had several readings from both Bruce and Red over the years. Of all of the readers I have been to, they are some of the best - not only for accuracy, but for their personalities and the energy they put out." - JD L., Goffstown, NH

"Got my reading done at the Vermont Renaissance Faire. I must say it was pretty spot on, was pretty amazing and I was blown away." - Shawn G., Grafton, VT


"I have had multiple readings with Bruce and one with Bekka (Red). They have all been wonderfully on-point and informative! They are a couple of great humans and great readers! 10/10, would recommend!" - Mindy J., Castleton, VT

"Had an amazing reading with Bekka (Red).  She was spot on with my questions.  Definitely recommend it to anyone." - Nicole S., Chicopee, MA

"Amazing reading from Bekka (Red).  Thanks so much." - Christopher M., Chicopee, MA

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