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Lord Fafnir & Spawn, Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival
Bruce Hoskins and Red Hoskins (also known as Lord Aiden Fafnir & Spawn) have ventured onto the roads less traveled on their way to becoming established psychics.  They have been performers at Renaissance Faires as both singers and actors for over 15 years and still continue to do so.    Early on, Bruce developed his own unique Renaissance character, Lord Aiden Fafnir.  Red, while growing up at the faires, was nicknamed by the other faire performers as The Spawn of Fafnir.  During this time, Bruce also taught Red the basics of psychic readings and how to interpret the tarot until she discovered and developed her own individual psychic skills.  Naturally, Lord Fafnir & Spawn officially premiered as psychic readers at a Renaissance Faire.  They are now the featured psychics at many of the Renaissance Faires in New England, as well as other psychic fairs and events.  As psychics, they perform readings individually, but will team up together for a reading when requested.   And because they are often recognized as the Renaissance characters, they will often attend other psychic events dressed in their Renaissance finery.  
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