Services and Rates

The Lord Fafnir & Spawn team can provide readings in the following disciplines:
  • Tarot Cards 
  • Relationship Tarot Card Readings
  • Palm Readings
  • Oracle Cards
  • Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
  • Astrology and Moon Phase
  • Numerology
  • Past Lives
  • Energy Distribution
  • I-Ching
Readings can be provided for individuals and couples.  Couples relationship readings are one of our specialties.  We also perform readings for children under the age of 18; we ask that an adult be present at the reading.  You may request Bruce or Red individually or both of us together as a team.  We are available for in-person individual visits as well as parties at your location.  We are also happy to give readings over the phone, FaceTime, internet, or by email.


Individual/Couples Readings

One Reader:   15 minutes - $25.00

                        30 minutes - $50.00

                        60 minutes - $100.00                                          

Two Readers: 15 minutes - $50.00

                         30 minutes - $100.00

                         60 minutes - $190.00

Travel charges may also apply if we travel to your location for personal visit readings.

House Parties

Private 20 Minutes Sessions, 6 Person Minimum 

One Reader:  $40 per person (Hostess is Complimentary)

Two Readers:  $75 per person (Hostess is Complimentary)

Readings via phone, internet, or email must be paid for in advance.  You may purchase such readings or pre-pay for other types of readings or parties via Paypal.  

15 Minute Reading with One Reader:


30 Minute Reading with One Reader:


60 Minute Reading with One Reader:


Other readings and parties may be purchased using  We can also invoice you via Paypal if requested.