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Services and Rates

The Lord Fafnir & Spawn team can provide readings in the following disciplines:
  • Tarot Cards 
  • Relationship Tarot Card Readings
  • Palm Readings
  • Oracle Cards
  • Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
  • Astrology and Moon Phase
  • Numerology
  • Past Lives
  • Energy Distribution
  • I-Ching

We are available for private parties and events.  We also are both available for online and phone readings for personal connection.


We are now offering classes in tarot, numerology, and palmistry.  Our class schedule is posted on the Classes page.

Private readings can be provided for individuals and couples.  Couples relationship readings are one of our specialties.  We also perform readings for children under the age of 18; we ask that an adult be present at the reading.  You may request Bruce or Red individually or both of us together as a team.  We are available for in-person individual visits as well as parties at your location.  We are also happy to give readings over the phone, FaceTime, internet, or by email.


Individual/Couples Readings

One Reader:   15 minutes - $30.00

                        30 minutes - $60.00

                        60 minutes - $110.00                                          

Two Readers: 15 minutes - $60.00

                         30 minutes - $120.00

                         60 minutes - $220.00

Travel charges may also apply if we travel to your location for personal visit readings.

House/Private Parties

Party rates are $110 per hour per requested reader with a minimum timeframe of two hours.  Applicable travel charges will be based on distance.

Readings via phone, internet, or email must be paid for in advance.  You may purchase such readings or pre-pay for other types of readings or parties via Paypal.  

15 Minute Reading with One Reader:


30 Minute Reading with One Reader:


60 Minute Reading with One Reader:


Other readings and parties may be purchased using We can also invoice you via Paypal if requested.  

Please note that we do not have a regular office space and readings may take place on evenings or weekends. When ordering a reading using the above links, please use our Contact Page  or send us a separate email or text requesting the day and time you would like to have the reading.


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